Topic outline

  • Unit 18: Finding media to enhance a lesson

  • Meet your Facilitator

    • Unit Introduction

      Do you sometimes feel that your teaching materials are old fashioned or out-dated? Are you able to to stimulate the interest of learners who have access to videos, graphics and interesting articles online? This unit will guide you through the process of enhancing your existing teaching materials by finding good quality resources online. 

      By the end of this unit you should be able to:

    • Assessment instructions

      For this assessment, you are going to test the skills that you have learnt by looking for media for your subject area.

      1. Think of a topic that you are currently covering with your learners in your subject area. 
      2. Think of some the types of resources like articles or videos that could make your lesson more interesting and insightful.
      3. Use your internet browser to search for material for that topic. 
      4. Find three resources that could be of possible use to you. You can either save these onto your computer or make a note of the link where you found them:
      5. Click on the upload my assessment icon below. You will be provided with the space to copy/type in the links to the resources you have found.

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