Topic outline

  • Unit 20: Using eMail to support learning

  • Unit Introduction

    Electronic Mail (e-mail) is a way of communicating with people by sending messages via an internet mail service to their mailbox. As a way of communicating it is fast, simple, and reliable. Because of this, knowing what e-mail is and how it can be used is a very important skill that can be used in the classroom and in daily life.

    This unit introduces you to what e-mail is and teaches you about how it can be used in the classroom to support learning and teaching activities.

    By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Assessment instructions

    OK. Let's get clever! How can one use e-mail to teach students about e-mail? You are going to have to be creative with this assignment! Are you going to model good practice or perhaps be provocative?

    Step 1

    Create a lesson plan that uses an e-mail program or web platform that also teaches your students about the importance of using email correctly. The lesson plan must include:

      • At least 3 positive aspects of using email,
      • At least 3 negative aspects of using e-mail,
      • Three different e-mail services.

    Use the assignment upload tool below to upload your lesson plan. 

  • Attribution and References

    Attribution (Open Educational Resources)

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